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how it works

In case your company has equipment for sale or in case your company wants to purchase assets, we can offer you several services depending on your exact requirements.

We can handle the full scope of the project or we can give you a tailor made solution conform to your exact requirements.

When selling surplus equipment we can give an estimation of the idle assets and together with the seller we can set a reserve price.

And additional we can offer auction sales, auction sales in combination with negotiated sales or a cash offer can be even taken into consideration.


To any buyers we offer high performance equipment and we can as well organize dismantling, loading and reassembly.



  • When contacting our company and you have any assets for sale, please share with us the basic technical details, pictures and video’s

  • Important is to understand if the assets are still under power or decommissioned.

  • Once all the information is received we take contact with your company in order to set the asking price with mutual consent.

  • We put the asset on our website and we offer the equipment through our industry specified database in order to achieve the best results.

  • Once we find the right customer for your machine, a sales contract is made between our both companies.

  • We assist you with the sale of the machine from the visit with the customers up to the dismantling, loading and export.


  • In case your company is in need of any machine we send you the technical details of the asset including pictures, video material and our offer.

  • We set up the meeting so you or a technical appointed representative can inspect the machine to make sure it is the right asset for your specific needs.

  • Once the machine is accepted we send you a pro-forma invoice.

  • A sales contract is made between both companies.

  • We bring you in contact with our vetted dismantling team or if you chose to handle the dismantling by your own team you can be free to do so.

  • We bring you in contact with our vetted transport agents who can bring the asset to your specified company or you are free to handle transport by your preferred transport agent.

  • We can offer you a turn key solution when you buy an asset, from the initial visit, the dismantling, pick up and transport up to the installation at your facilities.

On customer’s production sites, it can be required to work with specific vetted service providers.


Our prices are Ex Works ; depending on the type of equipment dismantling and reassembly costs, loading and transport costs will have to be added to our sales’ price.