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Rame-Hart Line

This egg inoculation and harvesting solutions portfolio includes devices that span the whole upstream production cycle, from egg tray unloading through vaccine harvesting. All important production procedures, including inoculation, harvesting, de-capping, egg inspection, fluid inspection, and egg disposal, can be handled by highly automated machinery.

Egg Decapper1.jpg

Rame-Hart Egg Semi- De-Capper

A Fully Automatic Harvesting Machine was used to develop the system. The machine has features such as egg lifting, automatic decapping, and a two-hand safety system.  

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 10.59.34.png
Egg Inoculator2.jpg

Rame-Hart Egg Semi- Inoculator

This inoculation system is intended to help you increase your production capacity by utilizing automated capabilities that increase processing speed and reduce product contamination.

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 11.03.54.png
Egg Decapper1.jpg

Rame-Hart Egg Semi- Harvester

This system is part of the Automatic Harvester machine and is designed for smaller manufacturing plants. For modest to medium-sized manufacturing environments.

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