We deliver a complete process from notification of surplus, all the way through remittance

●  Offer an efficient and hassle free surplus asset management program

●  Retain customer service representatives with extensive pharmaceutical machinery knowledge and experience

●  Provide tailored reporting and updates:

    - Inventory Status

    - Internal Redeployment Services 

    - Sales

    - Transfers

    - Additional metrics as requested

●  Machinery and equipment experts available worldwide for onsite evaluation & cataloging of assets

●  Machinery & equipment experts review self-entered assets

●  Proactive & reactive marketing by experienced industrial asset marketing & IT team

●  New available surplus communicated throughout your MFG facilities:

    - Direct email notification to interested parties facilitated by staff

    - Smooth machinery & equipment transfers

●  Professional due diligence performed on each asset & sales plan submitted

    - Possible hurdles identified

    - Estimated time to sell

    - Returned to client

    - Other details as needed

● Onsite asset inspections personally handled by machinery & equipment experts

    - Limit any labor/production downtime

    - Enable engineers to focus on production goals

●  Negotiated best sale and best sales price

●  Asset removal coordinated & personally overseen by experienced machinery & equipment staff